At PT KARSA PRABALA we can provide you with the best designing construction work from the beginning to the end of the project.

Design and Build

PT KARSA PRABALA is a Design and Build contractor to make building construction more time-savvy and cost efficient.


PT KARSA PRABALA offers service in construction including development, contractor, planning, contract, to property consultant.


Building and developing a construction with proper financing, best location, and optimal design is not an easy task.

About Us

Providing solutions for construction, management, and restoration.

With varied experiences, PT KARSA PRABALA has established itself as a professional construction company that can be trusted, responsible and reliable. Thanks to the support of experts in various fields, PT KARSA PRABALA has contributed to many national developments successfully.

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Why Choose Us

Trusted Construction Company in Indonesia

  • PT KARSA PRABALA puts clients’ trust as priority that has to be maintained. Therefore, PT KARSA PRABALA invests the money, time, and resources to create benefits in every development and the process behind.
  • With the support of expert team that is always committed to time, development process, quality and waste management is always managed well.
  • PT KARSA PRABALA is committed to create meaningful spaces and places that are sustainable in every development. The company strives to build physical infrastructure that is aligned and connected to the surroundings, strategically.
  • PT KARSA PRABALA is a trusted construction company that has accomplished varied projects, in regional and national scale.