At PT KARSA PRABALA we can provide you with the best designing construction work from the beginning to the end of the project. Includes area planning, structure, supervision, to budget.

Scope of work

Structure is an essential part of building construction that forms the foundation of most residential and commercial buildings. This stage is very vital and important for the whole project. You have to source experience and reliable contractors.

During this stage, project planning works closely with experienced architects and construction consultants. Initial design sketches and concepts are based on client's needs and ideas.

Working on interior design, it is important to consider the layout and arrangement of the space. Including some technical things such as the location of windows and doors, lighting, furniture, color selection, and others. So, people can enjoy the space by making it functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

PT KARSA PRABALA provides reliable mechanical services and pays attention to safety and security standards. We provide you with the installation of various heavy machinery, lifts, elevators, telephone lines, fire fighting, ducting, plumbing, and etc.

PT KARSA PRABALA as an experienced and qualified electrical contractor. Providing equipment related to electrical construction work in an integrated manner with a modern monitoring system. Supported by experienced personnel in the fields of electrical expertise, construction services, and control instrumentation.

Type of project

We provide commercial building construction services such as shophouses, retail merchants, malls, office buildings, etc. Project works include plumbing, electrical, hydrant, architecture, etc.

Custom design warehouse or mass warehouse development adapted to the needs of the industry. For example, the need for coatings or roofs to store corrosive chemicals, additional hoist cranes for easier loading and unloading of heavy materials, reinforcement of foundations and floor structures to withstand loads, etc.

Residential projects such as housing infrastructure. Includes housing development, custom designed houses, mass residential housing for real estate developers, also residential facilities (parks, sports facilities, religious facilities, etc).

We provide social building construction services such as public spaces, community halls, club houses, swimming pools, hospitals, hotels, villas, etc.