About Us

About Us

Company Profile

PT KARSA PRABALA is a construction company in the form of Limited Company, which was established on February 11, 2012. Our services include: design, construction and architecture.

Along with the rapid growth of the construction service industry in Indonesia, PT KARSA PRABALA takes on the role as a company engaged in construction services (contractors).

PT KARSA PRABALA has the support of their expert team that is already experienced in their fields, so that the company has been successfully getting construction projects in many scales, regional and national, in many areas in Indonesia.

PT KARSA PRABALA is committed to fulfill client needs that continuously grow from the aspect of contractions, the speed of work and accuracy in every project. In addition, PT KARSA PRABALA has the trust that has been given by various parties, both the government and private sectors. This has made PT KARSA PRABALA commit to provide the best service and quality at competitive rates.

Not only professional service for clients, PT KARSA PRABALA also provides a safe and healthy workplace for the employees and every human resource in the projects. Work safety is one of the main focus of PT KARSA PRABALA. We have implemented safety programs to create a more productive workforce and deliver services with better quality.

After many years in the construction service industry, PT KARSA PRABALA has successfully done many projects with varied scales and types.

Some examples of projects done by PT KARSA PRABALA are office buildings, entertainment buildings, health buildings, hotels, apartments, housing, employee mess, factories, country clubs, athletic stadiums, warehouses, and many more. PT KARSA PRABALA has also worked worth varied companies, either domestic and foreign companies.

With experiences above, PT KARSA PRABALA is present to date as one of the construction service companies in Indonesia that prioritizes quality and efficiency in providing construction services.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

We help you with your next project.

Our Vision

To be a professional construction company that can be trusted, responsible and reliable.

Our Mission

  • Participate in national development through constructions service
  • Provide high quality constructions service that is safety in order to build trust from the government and private sectors
  • Provide professional services for clients that are meeting the standard in terms of health, safety, and environmentally friendly.

Our Values

  • Prioritize quality in results with targeted efforts and implementing deep insight and expertise in working in every project
  • Prioritize integrity in every work and effort
  • Implement a working culture in which loyalty, talent, creativity, open communication and integrity are considered important.